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Recommended VR Headsets for ArchViz

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing VR Headsets for Architectural Visualization with Eyecad VR

Technological innovation has fundamentally transformed the way architects, designers and clients interact with architectural projects. Virtual reality (VR) has opened new doors, enabling immersive and immersive experiences in the visualization of spaces and structures. With the advent of 2023, price ranges have evolved to offer affordable, intermediate, and high-end solutions. From entry-level devices that cost around €300, through mid-range headsets with prices between €300 and €600, to premium solutions that exceed €600. If you are looking for the perfect VR headset for your architectural viewing needs, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the essential information to make the right decision.

  • Overview of VR headsets on the market
  • Our recommendation: Meta Quest 2
  • What to consider when choosing your VR headset
  • Differences between Standalone and Wired Headsets in Eyecad VR
  • Configuring VR Devices for Eyecad VR
  • Choosing the Best VR Headset for Eyecad VR is up to you!

Overview of VR headsets on the market: from high-end to entry-level

HTC Vive Pro Series headsets: High-end graphics excellence

The HTC Vive and their successors offer an unprecedented “room-scale VR” experience, thanks to the presence of environmental sensors capable of reading the shape of the room and thus translating (with more precision) the real movement of the user within the virtual area.

These headsets allow for precise movement within an area, making them ideal for exploring large-scale architectural models and providing engaging presentations to clients.


Key features:

  • Exceptional visual quality
  • Wide field of view
  • High-resolution display

Models & Prices:

  • Generally, this series is placed in high-end viewers, starting at around €750 (viewer only). For example, the complete HTC Vive Pro 2 package with controllers and base stations could exceed €1,200.

Valve Index Headsets: High Performance with Precision Tracking

The Valve Index is a high-end device that is an excellent investment for VR enthusiasts looking for a high-end experience.


Key features:

  • Excellent image quality; requires a high-performance PC.
  • Wide field of view.


Models & Prices:

  • Valve Index: Generally, on the high end of prices, starting at around €1,000 (complete package with headset, controller and tracking bases).

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

The following headsets are part of the Windows Mixed Reality series, which correspond to the major technology brands:

  • ASUS
  • HP
  • DELL
  • ACER

HP headsets: Next-level graphics and audio performance with HP Reverb G2

Among these, the HP Reverb G2 viewer deserves special mention, a high-performance headset with a balanced price, in fact it is generally placed among the medium-high range headsets (starting from about € 600).

It’s a wired headset that’s compatible with both Steam VR and Windows Mixed Reality.


Key features:

  • Excellent graphics quality and excellent sound system.
  • Requires wired connection to PC.

Models & Prices:

  • HP Reverb G2: Generally, in the mid-to-high range, starting at around €600 (generally does not include controllers in the box because it can also be used with a PC mouse or gamepad).

Meta Quest (formerly Oculus) headsets: Wireless Freedom

The Meta Quest series represents an all-in-one wireless VR solution, eliminating the need for external sensors or a powerful PC. These headsets are perfect for on-the-go presentations and design reviews, offering freedom of movement and ease of use.


Key features:

  • Wireless, Stand-alone, with the ability to connect to your PC via an optional cable
  • Lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Tracking technology with sensors built into the headset and touch controllers.

Models & Prices:

  • It covers different ranges, from low starting from 300 €, to medium with Meta Quest 3 starting from 600 €, to high in its pro versions, example Meta Quest pro 1200 €

Our Recommendation: Meta Quest 2, Versatility and Quality at Affordable Prices

For excellent value for money, we recommend the Meta Quest 2. These versatile headsets offer exceptional performance and can be used standalone or wired for an even better viewing experience. Listed below are some key reasons for this recommendation:

  • Standalone and wireless: The Meta Quest 2 is a standalone VR headset, which means it doesn’t require a physical connection to a computer. This provides greater freedom of movement and makes for a more comfortable experience without any cable-related worries.
  • Built-in Processor: The Meta Quest 2 comes with a powerful built-in processor that allows you to run VR apps and experiences without depending on an external computer. This simplifies use and allows users to immerse themselves in the VR environment without the need for additional hardware.
  • Eyecad Web Viewer: The Meta Quest 2 supports Eyecad Web Viewer, allowing users to experience a wide range of VR content based on Web GL. This feature is especially useful for quickly accessing VR experiences without the need for cables or complex connections.
  • Expansion with USB C Link Cable: Although the Meta Quest 2 is standalone, recommending the use of a USB C Link cable opens up the possibility of taking full advantage of Eyecad VR, including full 3D experiences with advanced graphics. This flexibility allows users to customize their experience to suit their needs.

In conclusion, the Meta Quest 2 comes across as an ideal option for those looking for a VR headset that offers a balance of convenience, processing power, and the ability to expand functionality through an optional wired connection.

What to Consider When Choosing Your VR Headset

  • Budget: Identify your budget by considering the different price ranges.
  • Portability: Determine if you need wireless freedom or prefer a fixed setup.
  • Graphics and Fidelity: Evaluate your project’s requirements in terms of visual quality and performance.
  • Compatibility with Your System: Make sure the headset is compatible with your PC
  • Customer Engagement: Evaluate how each headset improves customer engagement through interactive presentations.

Differences between Standalone and Wired Headsets in Eyecad VR

In this article, all the VR headsets mentioned are fully compatible with Eyecad VR. However, it’s essential to distinguish between standalone and wired headsets.

Standalone headsets, such as the Meta Quest 2, take advantage of their own processor rather than the powerful one of the PC. This implies that they only offer certain types of output in Eyecad VR, such as the GL web-based experience, known as Eyecad Web Viewer. However, without the use of a USB C Link cable, they do not allow for a full VR experience with stunning graphics.

You can overcome this limitation by acquiring a USB C Link cable provided by the manufacturer. This cable allows you to connect the headset, allowing you to enjoy any type of experience available in Eyecad VR, including the full 3D experience with spectacular graphics.

Configuring VR Devices for Eyecad VR

Download our manual to easily learn how to set up your VR headset. In chapter 13 you will find the step-by-step guide to configure the headset according to your model.

Download the manual here: https://eyecadvr.com/support-and-community/

Choosing the Best VR Headset for Eyecad VR is up to you!

Navigating the vast landscape of VR headsets can be an enthralling experience, especially when it comes to selecting the ideal solution for Eyecad VR. From standalone options like the Meta Quest 2, which offers flexibility and convenience, to powerful solutions like the Valve Index or the HP Reverb G2, designed to maximize visual quality and accuracy, the choice depends on your specific needs and individual preferences.

For those aiming for a cable-free solution with unmatched ease of use, the Meta Quest 2 can emerge as the top choice. However, if the priority is the highest visual quality and impeccable accuracy, headsets like the Valve Index or the HP Reverb G2 can offer an enhanced viewing experience, which is especially valuable for complex projects on Eyecad VR.

Regardless of the choice, the key is a thoughtful assessment of the specific features, compatibility, and available budget. Eyecad VR, an innovative architectural visualization software in VR, can find its perfect counterpart in VR headsets, offering users an immersive and precise experience. Choosing wisely will ensure not only a perfect synergy between software and hardware but also a VR experience that exceeds expectations.

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