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Extremely simple, yet incredibly powerful

How it works

Discover how to turn your 3D projects into amazing realistic renderings and real-time explorations at the speed of light.


First step to get started is importing your 3D project, whatever type it is.

Fully compatible with

Keep using your favourite 3D software: Eyecad VR is compatible with any 3D model, CAD or BIM you use, as well as the major 3D file types.

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During the configuration phase, breathe life into your 3D projects with ease and speed, making them truly unique and captivating.

Add life with ready-to-use 3D assets

always updated and easily accessible, including furniture, people, and cars.

Drag-and-drop 3D models

for quick scene filling, or upload your own assets for a personalized touch.

Set the perfect atmosphere

with adjustable lighting, weather conditions, and time of day. Observe how sunlight affects shadows and control wind intensity for realistic environmental interactions.

Sculpt and shape the landscape

to your liking with simple click-and-drag tools. Create mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes to design the perfect backdrop.

Real-time visualization

allows for instant experimentation and adjustments, ensuring you can see the immediate impact of your design choices.

Set up interactions

to make your project come alive and create a sense of full immersion for your customers.

The configuration phase in Eyecad VR empowers you to create stunning, dynamic 3D environments explorable in VR in no time. With a wide range of tools and ready-to-use assets at your disposal, your projects will truly stand out like never before.

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One project, many outputs. In the output phase of Eyecad VR, the possibilities for presenting your projects are endless, allowing you to showcase your designs in various captivating formats.

Realistic Renders

Bring your 3D projects to life with stunning, photorealistic renders. Showcase every detail, from textures to lighting, with clarity and precision.


Create engaging video animations of your 3D projects. Seamlessly navigate through the environment you designed to provide an immersive experience for viewers, highlighting key features and design elements.

360° Tours

Immerse your audience in a fully immersive experience with 360° panoramic views. Let users explore every angle and perspective, providing a sense of being physically present in the virtual space. also in VR

Real-time Explorations also in VR.

Elevate your presentations to the next level with virtual reality explorations. Users can step into your 3D environment using VR headsets, allowing them to experience your design firsthand and gain a deeper understanding of the space.

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Easily share your designs via web link

Share, engage, excite

Choose from two seamless sharing options to connect with your audience.


Eyecad 360

Accessible from any device – smartphone, laptop, tablet. Put your cardboard or VR headset on to explore it in virtual reality.


Web Viewer

Take sharing to the next level by providing a full 3D web tour accessible from any PC. Your designs come to life with interactive elements, allowing viewers to navigate through your virtual space effortlessly also in VR.

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