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New PBR materials in Eyecad VR PRO
In partnership with Poliigon

Since the Eyecad VR team has been created, it has always wanted to give a “drag’n’drop” impression to the workflow of the Eyecad VR software and, for this reason, the team is happy to announce the beginning of a new technical partnership. It will add hundreds of “ready-to-render” materials in Eyecad VR PRO 2020!

In the last years, Poliigon has always stood out for the quality of its assets available in the community and thanks to its easy subscriptions, it has immediately distinguished itself in the international market.

With a library of over 3000 materials, including all the channels necessary to achieve that realism, Poliigon is ranked very high in the list of the best aggregators of materials and textures dedicated to archviz rendering, both in terms of quality and quantity of textures provided to users.

Eyecad VR PRO 2020 will see the monthly progressive addition of around 60 materials per category all over the year. The Eyecad VR team is pleased to be able to provide its users with better tools and assets with a particular attention to the quality that this partnership can show.

The new library will be available within the software at no additional cost for Eyecad VR PRO 2020 users in the next few days in the Wood category.

Enjoy the future of the architectural visualization with Eyecad VR!

eyecad VR team