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 Eyecad VR Render – Update 1.0.1

The first update of Eyecad VR Render Beta

Thanks to the continued support of our community we have been able to provide the first update of Eyecad VR Render Beta in about two weeks after its first release. Here we discover the most important updates and improvements to version 1.0.1:

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More than 300 new free 3D models | Pack 1

The first of four 3D models packages has been released in this version. The new 3D models packages contain objects of different categories, from consumer electronics to furniture with new sofas and armchairs; Useful objects to fill the Eyecad VR projects with quality and embellishment models to make every shoot, video or 3D exploration of great visual impact. All 3D models in your library Eyecad VR are optimized for real-time use.

Ray-Tracing rendering engine improvements

Fresnel reflections

Thanks to the Fresnel laws is possible to calculate how the intensity of an incident light beam on a surface is divided between the reflected beam and the refracted ray; In this new update, in Eyecad VR Render Beta you can enjoy even more realistic reflections and physically correct with the introduction of Fresnel reflections.

Shadows and Parallax

The new algorithm that simulates the three-dimensional pattern of a material starting from a simple two-dimensional texture in .jpeg, .PNG, etc… It allows now to achieve an even more realism pushed thanks to the generation of shadows when the light hits the three-dimensional parts of the created material.

Reflective transparent materials in night mode (Editor)

Inside the Eyecad VR Render Beta Editor, it is possible to benefit from real-time reflections of emissive material on all reflective and transparent materials such as water glass and set during the night or in low light conditions.

Interface and user experience

Objects Manager

This useful tool has been enhanced as strongly requested by the Community. From version 1.0.1, the ‘Objects of Eyecad VR Render Beta manager allows the user to immediately identify objects in the selected object list in the 3D scene and to work on a group of selected 3D objects directly within the Object Manager With multiple functions.

Material Editor

The material editor is increasingly professional. In this new version you can select multiple objects for the “preview” to better study the materials being created. It is possible to choose between sphere, cylinder, cube and 2D floor.

HUD Camera

The HUD of the camera, both in the videomaker phase and in the process of rendering of static images, adapts to the new “social formats” introduced into Eyecad VR Render Beta 1.0. Whether you choose an “aspect ratio” 16:9 or 1:1 does not matter, the help interface of the camera no longer looks distorted.


Sketchup file 2021

SketchUp 2021 has been implemented in this new release that will allow users to not have to save .skp files in older formats.

Import speed SKP file

The performances are always on top of the development list Eyecad VR, especially by improving imports. During Eyecad VR Beta 1.0.1 tests, import speeds of .SKP files up to X9 higher than the previous versions were found, allowing the software to import and manage increasingly complex projects.

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