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Eyecad VR now supports Revit 2021

Integration with the main BIM software with Eyecad VR has always been a prerogative in the development of Eyecad VR. Today, the new plugin is finally available and now it is compatible with Revit 2021 in Eyecad VR 2020.

Now it is possible to export projects created with Revit 2021 with a simple click inside Eyecad VR 2020. To export the RVT project in the right way, Eyecad VR must be running and with an open project, in this way, the two softwares are able to communicate to each other and to accelerate the user’s workflow from Revit to Eyecad VR. In this new version, both the export speed and the quality have been improved. In fact, thanks to this update, some bugs and import problems have been solved.

To download the Eyecad VR plug-in for Revit, simply download the setup directly from the official website of the Autodesk app store.

Enjoy the future of the architectural visualization with Eyecad VR!

eyecad VR team