Eyecad VR Render

Photorealism to the next level

The new software designed to maximize and optimize your workflow for the production of interactive photorealistic renderings, videos and 360 tours through the new technology of Real-time Ray-tracing and Path-tracing.

Turn on the Real-time Ray Tracing engine

Thanks to RTX support it is now possible to create very high quality images at the speed of light, without using complex tools. Just turn on the Ray-tracing engine in Eyecad VR Render.

  • Real-time Ray-tracing Global Illumination (no Baking)
  • Real-time Ray-tracing Reflections (no Refl. Probes)
  • HDRI background Ray-tracing illumination in Real-time
  • Real-time Ray-tracing Ambient Occlusion

Create amazing jobs easily​

It’s always Eyecad VR, anyway! We have not changed the software interface because our goal is to maintain the high and ease use that has always characterized Eyecad VR software.

From the really beginning, you will realize how you can create incredible works in just a few steps without resorting to complex software. You will learn to focus on rendering, without using complicated tools.

Rendering photorealistic images has never been easier and faster so far

The Ray-tracing Editor will allow you to study the general lighting of your project in real time. Once the rendering starts, in a few seconds you will see the image you want appearing in photo realistic quality.

Photorealistic 360 ° interactive panoramic tour

Thanks to the RTX support and the Eyecad 360 tool that you find in Eyecad VR Render, you can create interactive panoramic tours with photo realistic quality explorable via Web. Share your project with your colleagues and customers in one click.

  • Interactive photorealistic tours that can be incorporated via web
  • Interactive photorealistic tours that can be shared via web
  • Exploration through any device (even in virtual reality)

Create beautiful video animations in a few simple steps

Video-Maker Mode has been enhanced to allow you to create even more engaging and artistically superior cinematic videos. New camera adjustments allow you to create professional videos in an easier way.

  • Advanced professional camera adjustments
  • New "aspect-ratios" also oriented towards the most common social formats
  • Output frame refresh rate adjustment: 25 - 30 - 50 - 60 fps

Minimum requirements



CPU: Intel i5 6th generation or higher/AMD equivalent

GPU: 8 GB – compatible with DirectX 12 (Nvidia RTX 3000 series or above/AMD equivalent)

RAM 16 GB or higher

Space Requirement 7 GB

Internet Connection Required

OS system: Windows 10 or higher

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