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What’s new in eyecad VR PRO 1.6.5.

A lot of news about the latest eyecad VR release! As you know, eyecad VR is constantly underupdates and the users feedback are part of the development that are driving eyecad VR to the top Architectural visualization software around the world; Let's go to take a look at the most important news in this 1.6.4. Release.

1- New Launcher
We have recieved a lot of feedbacks form the eyecad VR users about the launcher, specially for the "download and installing" part. Fixed an issue that occurred when the user's connection had a timeout period (caused by the high ping connection). Now Software has split into multiple packages and it should be easier to download all 600 MB of software.

2- FPS Improvement
With the new eyecad VR terrain editor in eyecad VR PRO it was important to optimize rendering quality and update framerate. This is why eyecad VR Software is faster to compute complex scenes with detailed terrain with large numbers of trees and water. The resolution slider is the way! Set it up and optimize your performance for yourself on the hardware. We recommend a resolution of 0.75X. MB of software.

3- Render mode
Rendering is so fast and profess ional with eyecad VR PRO! Thanks to the new Rendering Mode it is possible to take awesome render in a click. The real-time rendering allows to take a render in 0.1 seconds with a professional physical camera and is possible to apply over 200 photographic cinematic filter. MB of software.

4- Area Lights have been improved.
We have optimized the Arealight emission and now the realtime global illumination for the interior is more accurated. New Arealights change the color and the intensity in according to the Sun position and Clouds power.

5-Farnsworth House in Virtual Reality and Desktop exploration.
Farnswoth house; one of the most popular and beautiful architecture of all time. Created from the mind of the Great Mies Van Der Rohe, this house rappresents the prototype of the modern house like a continuum with the nature and aroundly environment. Trees, Water, and 3D grass improve the amazing scenary of this architecture, and for the first time it's free to explore, in Virtual Reality (or Desktop) thanks to eyecad VR PRO Demo! Download the 1.6.4. from your eyecad VR Launcher and enter to the fantastic Mies's house!