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Welcome to eyecad VR‘s blog

Welcome eyecad VR 2020

eyecad VR 2020 has arrived, in its final version, with many new features for a community that every day becomes ever wider and more engaging in the great passion for architectural visualization in real time!

As anticipated a few months ago, on the occasion of the arrival of the early-version that preceded the official release (read more) eyecad VR 2020 offers many new products, the result of a path of continuous development that lasted three years. A totally revisited rendering system, with the arrival of the expected ray-tracing mode, many new models and 3D ready to be inserted without any effort in the scene and a totally renewed support for virtual reality experiences , with the new eyecad 360 that can create panoramic tours to share on the web and on all the main standalone VR devices available on the market.

Before After
Before After

In addition to the features, eyecad VR 2020 brings substantial changes in its commercial policy. After the initial crowdfunding phase that substantially accompanied the first part of the life of the software, which ended with the 2018 version, eyecad VR is now available in two versions: eyecad VR Start for 199 euros and eyecad VR Pro for 399 euros. A radical price cut, for a permanent license, which will guarantee all customers full support without having to subscribe for any kind of subscription.

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The mission of eyecad VR 2020 is therefore more than ever declared: to guarantee all designers a simple, powerful and economic tool to carry out the renderings of their projects, the animations to explore the unique spaces and the experiences in virtual reality with which to involve the their customers wherever they want.

The innovations of eyecad VR 2020 do not end here, on the contrary, we have anticipated only the beginning of a new era of real-time 3D software for architecture and design that is truly within everyone’s reach. We invite you to try the free trial version, freely downloadable at the following link https://eyecadvr.com/trial.

eyecad VR team