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Revit to Virtual Reality and real time rendering – Eyecad VR plugin for Revit

Since from the beginning, one of the eyecad VR’s goals was to improve the compatibility with the most important Modelling Software. Revit & BIM in general, are the future of building and with the power of Virtual Reality and the Real Time rendering of eyecad VR, our customers can arrive to the future of ArchiViz, now.




Please note: Before starting to use eyecad VR Plugin for Revit, be sure to download and install eyecad VR Software on your PC on

One click to VR from Revit
Technically, to transform a Revit project to VR needs just a click. Once imported from the Revit project to eyecad VR, just GO TO VR and explore the project.




Be sure to run eyecad VR and a new/existing project before clicking on the button “Export to eyecad VR”.




Materials and Family
Eyecad VR plugin will convert your material and family in editable objects in eyecad VR Software. Materials will transform in PBR automatically, so they will look real. Families will convert to group object editable togheter.




Real time rendering
Verify in real time the project choises with the power of real time rendering in eyecad VR. Night, Day, Afternoon, sunset, sunshine and more.




Interact with the objects
Create awesome interactive combinations for forniture and materials of the project.




Live your project and go inside it by clicking on “GO TO VR”.



Enjoy, explore and interact your Revit project with the power of real time rendering of eyecad VR !

Eyecad VR Team