Architectural Real-Time Rendering

Create your renders at the speed of light.

Thanks to the graphic engine developed for eyecad VR Pro, you will be able to render each image in just 0.1 seconds.

Architectural renderings have always been an important part to learn for the architect; for this reason, the eyecad VR software have been designed to create rendered environments without being computer graphic (CG) experts.

The user is constantly immersed in a constant rendering environment thanks to the high-quality real-time rendering technology.

The solution to the complexity of classic or static render engines is a standalone software dedicated to the architectural visualization (archviz) that processes images in real-time and improves your workflow.

Capture professional renderings with a physical camera and apply over 200 filters in one click.

The advantages of real-time rendering integrated in the eyecad VR software are manifold:

● Study of internal and external light in real-time;

● Immediate verification design choices;

● Interactive explorations by Desktop and Virtual Reality Headset;

● Animations in real time with doors, interactive materials and Dynamic Sun Light;

● Create Render in one click.

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