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One-time License & Save 25% on all eyecad VR software

Dear eyecad VR users,

It is a period of changes in DIGITAL ATOM, specially for the payment method and the new release of eyecad VR. To encurage users to use our innovative software we made two important changes:


1- eyecad VR liceneses in one-time solution: From this moment, Digital Atom sells eyecad VR liceneses in one-time solution, so it will not required a subscriptions anymore and the software it will used with no deadline.



2- Major Release 1.5.4: Maybe is the most important release of all time for Digital Atom, during next weeks our users will have a more efficient and stable software, with important features that you will see during next weeks when the 1.5.4 will availabe for download.

Stay tuned, and do not forget to take a look on about the March Discount more than 25% for One-time license!




eyecad VR Team