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How to import a 3D model and navigate | eyecad VR PRO

Import settings and instruction to navigate in editor


Let’s find out how to correctly import a 3D model into eyecad VR and navigate correctly using keyboard and mouse commands!

First step is to open the menu at the bottom and enter the OBJCETS section of the interface. At this point, just click the button “IMPORT NEW OBJECT”  and choose the file on your PC.


  • Now it’s time to check out the IMPORT OPTIONS. It is necessary to dwell on the subject. In the meantime it is important to understand that the formats that eyecad VR reads correctly are the following, in order of importance: FBX, 3DS, BLENDER, OBJ, DAE. Once you’ve exported the 3D model from your modeling software, make sure you’ve exported to the allowed formats. Another important point to keep in mind are the directions of the meshes: It is essential that the created polygons
    are correctly directed towards the outside of the drawn object. This is because eyecad VR thanks to its rendering
    engine in real time, allows to accelerate the calculation of light by excluding negative meshes to speed up the calculation.


  • USED SOFTWARE: Select the software you used to create the 3D model to import correctly. If the software does not appear, choose Others.


  • IMPORT TEXTURE: If you have created a 3D model with textures in your 3D modelling software, is possible to import texture. They will appear in the same way on 3d model once imported in eyecad VR. Check this function if you want to import your texture. (It will convert automatically in PBR Materials in eyecad VR).


  • RECALCULATE NORMALS: Check this function if you want to try to fix your meshes. It’s not always possible to fix wrong phong meshes but eyecad VR will try to fix if you asked its!


  • DIRECT SURFACES AUTOMATICALLY: Check this function if you want to try to fix the direction of your meshes. Usually when a little part of the 3D model has the meshes in the negative way, eyecad VR will change that directions and will try to fix the problem automatically.


  • Now once imported the 3D model, drag and drop it on the grid from your Personal Objects library.


  • SELECT METHOD: By Clicking on the 3D object just one time, you are selecting the father object of the great family of the layers created (if you have created them). By Clicking two times in the same point, you will select the layer insde the model. By Clicking three times you are able to select and modify the single object in 3D object


  • MODIFY: Once selected the object you need to modify (Coordinates, Rotation and Scaling) you can select what you need to modify. Sometimes is possible to have a 3D model imported in Centimeter but eyecad VR works in Meter. For this reason it will necessary export in meter from the modelling software, but if is not possible, you can modify the scale by going to the SCALE button and by clicking on the XYZ paramter you can change the scale. Example: To cross from Centimeter to Meter just add a zero to the 100%. (watch the video)

  • MOVE THE CAMERA IN EDITOR: Remind this combinations of keys to move fast inside your scene.
  •  RIGHT CLICK + MOUSE: You will orbit at 360 degrees
  • RIGHT CLICK + W,A,S,D or DIRECTIONAL KEYS: You will go forward, back, right and left