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Windows Mixed Reality for Architecture and Design exploration with eyecad VR


Windows Mixed Reality is now available for all eyecad VR software.


Windows Mixed Reality is the new way to explore your 3D Architectural projects. From the beginning of the presentations of this technology, eyecad VR’s team works a lot to add the Mixed Reality to all eyecad VR Software. Functionality is the same with HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift CV1, but Windows Mixed reality headsets have a big advantage: no external sensors to track your movement!

This is one of the most important feature and through this technology is possible to explore and interact with the 3D architectural model like as, changing wall materials, turn off and turn on the lights, move and rotate objects and more. Here there’s a list to all Windows mixed reality headsets compatible with eyecad VR software:

Samsung HMD Odyssey

with Motion Controllers

HP Headset

with Motion Controllers

ASUS Headset

with Motion Controllers

Dell Headset

with Motion Controllers

Acer Headset

with Motion Controllers

How to connect Windows mixed reality with eyecad VR into your PC? Easy!
Be sure to have a Bloothoth 4.0 adapter on your PC.

1. Connect the HDMI;
2. Connect the USB cable;
3. Windows will automatically starts to install the Windows Mixed Reality platform (follow the tutorials);
4. Install Steam VR. Open it;
5. Install Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR;
6. Once installed reboot your PC;
7. Open Steam VR before to launch eyecad VR and just click on GO TO VR to start to enter into your Virtual Reality architectural renders!

It’s all! Have a nice exploration with eyecad VR and Windows Mixed Reality family!

eyecad VR team