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Update 1.2.0

Breathtaking Landscapes, Authentic Skies, and a World of New Resources


The update of Eyecad VR Studio 1.2.0 opens the door to an unprecedented experience in architectural design. Here, nature comes to life, the skies embrace authenticity and resources are an inexhaustible reservoir of creativity.

In this release, Eyecad VR Team has paid special attention to perfecting the landscape, increasing the realism of the physical sky, and enhancing the library with a wide range of new resources, ranging from 3D characters to realistic SpeedTree trees and even an all-new food and drink pack.

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A Symphony of Regenerated Landscapes –

New Partnership with SpeedTree

Our collaboration with SpeedTree has sparked a visual revolution. Imagine 49 high-fidelity trees that not only catch the eye, but magically blend with your creations. The new positioning system offers precise and creative control, through brush strokes or single positioning.


A Sky More Real Than Ever – Now the Sun Automatically Positions Itself via HDRI!

The physical sky has been treated in detail, giving tones and clouds so realistic that it seems to touch the sky.

In addition, Eyecad VR now automatically calculates the position of the sun for imported skies via HDRI, saving you valuable time.

Authenticity is now at your fingertips like never before.

A World of Possibilities: New 3D Assets to Nurture Your Creativity

Eyecad VR 1.2 opens the door to a universe of possibilities. With new assets that enrich our library, your creativity finds space to express itself:

  • Food & Beverage Library:
    A comprehensive library of Food & Beverage Assets is now here to embellish your scenes with succulent details and culinary delights.
  • New 3D People: With 60 new 3D characters, each with their own personality and uniqueness, creating designs comes to life with ease.
  • Trees by SpeedTree: SpeedTree officially becomes a partner of Eyecad VR, now you can access a wide selection of 3D Trees of the highest quality, such as those available for AAA games. The best 3D trees in the world are now in your library just a click away.

Smoother virtual reality experience, sharper visual quality

Performance and visual quality in virtual reality have taken a significant step forward in this release. The anti-aliasing system has been carefully revised, ensuring an immersive experience as smooth and crisp as possible.

Tutor – Step by Step to discover Eyecad VR

We present “Tutor”, the new guided tour that welcomes new users of Eyecad VR. From now on, at each start, if you want, you can have Tutor by your side to explore the features of the software step by step.


Bug Fixes and General Improvements – A Seamless Experience

Our dedication to perfection extends to fixing bugs and improving overall performance, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

Issues such as camera movement during video recording, changing values in input fields, and error handling have been solved, making the software more stable and reliable than ever.

A New Era in Architectural Visualization in Virtual Reality

Update 1.2.0 of Eyecad VR Studio initiates a new era in architectural visualization, providing architects and designers with unprecedented tools and possibilities. Whether you’re creating realistic landscapes or immersive VR experiences, Eyecad VR powers your creative vision.

Discover the future of architectural visualization today with Eyecad VR Studio 1.2.0. 

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