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 Eyecad VR Render – Update 1.0.5

Photorealistic outputs, new assets and maps to add realism to your design

eyecad VR Render 1.0.5

Once again, thanks to our strong community support, we brough new features, made improvements and fixed bugs on Eyecad VR Render. At 2 weeks distance, we released a new Update 1.0.5 which brings with it mainly improvements on recently added features and a brand-new material editor interface.

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The highest quality for your final output

Eyecad VR Render was born with the goal of letting our users produce the highest quality renderings, as close as possible to photorealism, in the shortest time. Indeed, this new update brings with it further adjustments to Ray Tracing and Path tracing mode to let your renderings reach perfection.

Little tip: try exporting your project from Conceptual to Ray Tracing to Path Tracing and be impressed by the enormous improvement of your rendering realism!

New Interface and Maps in the Material Editor

The material editor, the tool that allows you to configure materials in Eyecad VR, has a whole new face: easier and more intuitive to simplify your workflow. Beyond, new maps have been added to give you more and more precise tools to add your personal touch to every single detail. With the new metallic map, for example, you can add further realism and accuracy to your design.  

Further little adjustments: Teleport mode and loading animations

In Eyecad VR every detail counts. We want our software to be the best and most powerful real-time rendering software in VR you ever used. Indeed, we take care of every single detail and pay attention to every single feedback our community gives us. This is why, in this last Update 1.0.5 we promptly fixed some bugs your reported. Now teleport mode works great again, smoothly with no errors or interruptions. Same applies for loading animation and resolution scale.

Continue supporting us like this and we will grow big together!

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