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 Eyecad VR Render – Update 1.0.4

The end of the Open Beta, the start of a new rendering era

Eyecad VR Render -Update 1.0.4.

Eyecad VR Render Open Beta has just come to an end, leaving space to its first commercial release in Early Access. During the Open Beta, the support of our community has been fundamental. Thanks to your feedbacks our Research and Development team had the chance to experiment, test and make improvements to satisfy our users’ needs.  

Eyecad VR Render 1.0.4 comes with new features and improvements to help you add realism and give life to your design. Read the full article to find out all about Update1.0.4.

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This article lists and explains the most important and impactful parts of the update that this new version of Eyecad VR Render brings with it, offering new features to users and ever-increasing quality.

Photorealistic outputs at the speed of light

In Eyecad VR Render 1.0.4, rendering quality reaches its peak with the introduction of a further visualization mode ‘Path Tracing’.  In this rendering mode, which accurately simulates light rays, shadows and global illumination, you can achieve the highest quality for your final output production. Furthermore, thanks to new modern DXR library, this happens at the speed of light! Indeed, it only takes less than 5 seconds to process a QHD frame.

Before After Eyecad VR Render Ray TracingEyecad VR Render path tracing

NEW 350 3D objects to fill your scene with life

Over 300 ready-to-use 3D objects have been added to Eyecad VR library ranging from furniture to vegetation to electronic objects. Now you have more and more tools to get inspired and add your personal touch to the design, making the space feel alive and helping your clients visualize themselves in that space. Beyond, you don’t need to download any external resources, Eyecad VR 3D objects are ready-to-use, you just need to pick them up from your object library.

Boost quality and graphics performance with NEW DLSS

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), a rendering technology that uses artificial intelligence to increase graphics performance and quality, has been added under settings tab.

The benefit is that you can produce ultra-graphic quality images while rendering a fraction of pixel, thus maximizing frame rate. In a nutshell, better rendering quality and performance. Running at higher frame rates is particularly useful for VR, since it helps remove negative effects that occur at lower frame rates like disorientation and nausea.

Material editor increasingly powerful: Dds texture format is now supported

Material editor becomes increasingly powerful. Following the requests of our community, this new update also supports .dds texture format. Now, Eyecad VR material editor is not only powerful but also super flexible. No more limits to your rendering workflow!

A new special demo project to help you get started!

In this Update 1.0.4 our users can literally step inside Salk Institute, one of the most prestigious scientific research institutes in the biomedical field worldwide. We chose Salk Institute as Demo Scene for our users because we share a common mission: make dreams into reality. Everything you can dream or envision in your mind can be turned into reality, that’s our purpose.

Speed and quality always at the top

This new update brings with it further improvements to boost performance and increase speed.

– Eyecad VR importer is now faster than ever, whatever size your project is.

– Eyecad 360 reaches its best quality, also in Ray-traced mode

– VR mode is still powerful and immersive

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