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eyecad VR Advanced 1.5.4 – The most important update

Dears eyecad VR users,

It has been a period of deep changes and developing for eyecad VR’s team. The R&D team has worked hard to solve and optimize the workflow with eyecad VR under your useful suggestions. Our goal has been reached and in the following words we are going to explain what and how has changed.



eyecad VR Projects
– Max .evr projects size limit has been improved.

A lot of users, had problems when they were working with big dimensions file. To solve this issue, we improve the size limit and now is possible to save big .evr files!

• 3D Importer
– Recalculate normals function has been improved, use it to smooth surface angles.
– Import texture function has been fixed.

Smoothing automatic functions has been improved, now is more precisious and more efficently, in this way you can control sharp and soft surfaces in the same object.


• Gizmo
– The gizmo has been restyled and improved.
– The objects selection is changed, now is possible to select the root then the child to the clicked object for each click.
– Now is possible to snap the translation,rotation,sizing by holding Shift button.
– Now is possible to select more than single object by holding CTRL button.
– Is also possible to select directly the desired object by holding CTRL or clicking right click on it.
– Is possible to deselect all objects also by pressing ESC button.
– Now work also in Axonometric.

Thanks to the new Gizmo is possible to move and rotate the objects in the same time without change a gizmo. If you click SHIFT before rotate an object is possible to apply a 15° of Snapping rotation and Snapping movement.


• Materials, UV and Layers manager
– Now is possible to apply materials on more then one object per time, by selecting the objects with ctrl then apply the material.
– Now is possible to set UV on more then one object per time, by selecting the objects with CTRL then right click>Set UV and change the UV.
– Is possible to complete the operation also by pressing Esc button.

One of the most important things that we improved in this version is the Layers reading from , Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio max and more. Once you selected the project, more click in the same point will drive to other undergroup objects. In this way, is possible to drag’n’drop a material  directly to all objects part of a Layer that were set in the modelling software.


• Rhinoceros optimization workflow for Real Time Rendering
– Objects layer that are exported from rhinoceros 3d now are fully compatible with eyecad VR.

Take a look to the Rhinoceros import setting and optimization for eyecad VR!


• Objects connection
– Now is possible to connect more then one object per time with the desired object.
– Is possible to abort the operation also by pressing Esc button.

Connect everythings you want, in a click! Select multiple objects by holding CTRL button and click on “Connect with”


• Graphics
– Ambient occlusion has been improved.
– Sun shadows are now shaded.

Soft is better!


• Demo
– New demo has been added.

• Lights tab
– Lights editor bugs has been fixed.

• Object duplicate function
– Object duplicate function has been fixed.

• Other
– Sky colors has been improved.
– Multiselect lights/arealights has been fixed.
– Materials and Objects scroll now start from the top every time.
– User Experience has been improved.
– Other bugs fixed.



• Desktop menu
– Now is possible to select the options by pressing directional arrows.

• Desktop exploration
– Mouse sensivity has been fixed.