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eyecad VR 2020 – The next step.

More realistic, simpler, faster.

eyecad VR 2020 is a summary of a daily use experience with over three years of ongoing relationship with professionals around the world. Architects and designers we have worked with, shared projects, ideas, feedbacks and very important goals reached. 

The main node around the development of next eyecad VR release has been focused on is the will to forge a next generation software able to give the realism to everyone.

A Next-gen Software.

eyecad VR 2020 was born as a modern concept software, without the old hard-to-understand CAD software style that have been drive us for long time, especially in Architecture and Design 3D software.

Starting from the same project scene, eyecad VR can render images, videos and, at the same time, it allows to create interactive explorations of the project spaces and to customize every project’s details. In VR too.

All these things, in few click. At the same time, eyecad VR 2020 introduces new features, new resources and 3D high resolution objects ready-to-render to drag’n’drop from the user interface to the 3D environment, without giving up the instinctive simplicity and without having to worry of hard technicalities that, from the designer’s point of view, amount to a useless distractions to the main goal: communicate the project idea in a realistic way.

Realism for everyone.

The real-time rendering technology offers to the designers a powerful tool to evaluate and communicate their own ideas, facilitating the decision-making processes with a big advantage for time and development costs. Speed of operation, ease of use and realism in the output therefore they become much more than just software qualities by covering a very important role in the own workflow that is able to generate value to the own activity.

eyecad VR 2020 has added new features that are focused in this direction. The new ray-tracing mode, conceived to guarantee a new level of realism, physically credible, even before it is corrected, in the calculation of light and in the representation of the materials present in the scenes.

In accordance with the software based on the speed feature, eyecad VR 2020 introduces a solution “lite ray-tracing”, that it is able to generate in few seconds realistic rendering images without necessarily having recourse to RTX hardware, even if this type of hardware is recommended.

The eyecad VR’s hybrid rendering technology allows to associate the real-time speed of operations with the ray-tracing quality that only the most advanced rendering engine in the world can now guarantee.

It is an aware choice, gained after a long test and comparison phase with our power users, in the desire to make the ray-tracing rendering technology, with the most possible real-time performance, available to a greater number of professionals to create highly realistic images, without having to reset the own eyecad VR workflow.

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