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eyecad VR 2020. Pre-order available, until November 30th.

After an intense Closed Beta period, we are proud to announce the new eyecad VR 2020, a true new way for the real-time rendering software for architecture.

After three years of research and development, spent very close to our power users, eyecad VR 2020 will include a lot of news. Here, we anticipate some of the most important new features that will be released in Early-Access. It will be available from December for all those that will order the 2020 version by purchase the 1.8 version, during all November.

Before After

Realistic and Ray-tracing comparison

New features available in Early-Access in December:

● Rendering in Real-time Ray-tracing* – available for ADV & PRO version;

● User interface (UI) totally renewed, with a lot of new functions and a most intuitive layout;

● New Scene Importer, totally rewritten, faster and more efficient in the file management;

● New Importer Material limit is now 450 materials;

● Thanks to the automatic “Update 3D model” function, it is possible to import modeling changes made with external software ( Rhino, 3ds Max, etc.) several times, without losing any work done within eyecad VR 2020;

● New Material Editor;

● New Objects library with more than 2000 3D hi-res objects, “ready to render” – available for ADV & PRO version; 

● Animated path with 3D people – available for PRO version;

● Animated path with 3D vehicles – available for PRO version;

● New hi-res cars library (Path TAB) – available for PRO version;

● New hi-res vegetation library (Landscape TAB) – available for PRO version;

● New hi-res rocks library (Landscape TAB) – available for PRO version;

● New management HDRI system, that now works with the Global Illumination effects on the scene – available for ADV & PRO version;

● New advanced Video-maker mode, with a new cameras management that allows to create more accurate cinematic videos – available for PRO version;

● Physical Ambient Occlusion – available for ADV & PRO version.

eyecad VR 2020 is available in pre-order only until November 30th.

All those who pre-order will get the Early-Access to eyecad VR 2020 (available from December), in addition to the current stable version (eyecad VR 1.8).
Current customers will be able to pre-order under the conditions reserved for them, enjoying the same Early-Access rights as for new customers.
The release of the final version of eyecad VR 2020 is expected by the first quarter of 2020.

*real-time ray tracing is compatible with Windows PC systems equipped with NVIDIA GTX (10th series) and RTX video cards, for more information contact us here.

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