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Disclosure of Digital Atom SRL on the use of videos

We encourage users to record videos that reproduce the contents of the Eyecad VR software. We allow their publication on users’ websites, on YouTube or on similar video sharing services. We do not allow the extrapolation of elements from our software (eg voices, music or objects) and their separate distribution.

Reproduction of proprietary content in video files is only permitted for non-commercial purposes. This means that users are not allowed to charge others for viewing their videos or accessing them. Furthermore, they are not allowed to sell or license their videos to others in exchange for a payment of any kind.

Users are free to monetize their videos via the YouTube partner program or similar programs available on other video sharing sites. Please do not ask us to notify YouTube of our consent to the publication of a specific video that reproduces Eyecad VR content. We can not reply to requests of this kind. It is therefore recommended to affix a note that refers to this page.

Naturally this information only concerns the contents of Eyecad VR. Users who include content from others in their videos, such as music, are required to request permission from their respective owners.

Legal notices on third parties

Eyecad VR and other Digital Atom SRL products distributed through Eyecad VR and / or Digital Atom SRL may make use of third-party content that requires separate notification regarding the respective licensing terms. A list of such notifications is available in the Digital Atom SRL Software Licensing Agreement, which is distributed with the Eyecad VR client and / or a specific Digital Atom Srl product.

Claims for copyright violations

Digital Atom SRL respects the intellectual property rights of others and asks all those who use its Internet sites and its services to do the same. Anyone who believes that his work has been reproduced on one of our websites or in one of our services in such a way as to constitute a violation of the copyright law can notify Digital Atom SRL of such violation through the Support Page.

Further information on the Italian copyright law can be found at the SIAE at the address https://www.siae.it/it/diritto-dautore.